Thursday, 20 December 2012

Right Accessories to Match Black and White Prom Dress

Now you are looking for your prom wear for the year of 2013, and you finally find out a black and white prom dress because these two colors are definitely classical and will never be out of fashion. Now you just cannot wait to show it up in your first big event next year, but there is something important before you wear your fantastic prom gown, which is to choose right accessories to complete your look. Actually it is easier to accessorize black and white skirt because there is no exact rule to follow. You can go freely with your wear with staying monochromatic or bold.

If you want to stay monochromatic, it is easy to choose proper accessories. Just choose some black, white or grey colored items. These colors will go well with your prom dresses completely. If your black gown is designed with some white details, you may choose white purse to complete the look. Or you may well a pair of black high heels with white prints. All these details will add your beauty and elegance.

If you want to go bold, choose one bright color. It is a perfect combination if you decide to choose red to accessorize white and black, especially black. Well, red is not the only choice. Other colors like yellow, pink, green are also acceptable. You do not need to choose the exact right shade, but it is better to make sure all colors work together well.

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