Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fairy Tale Prom Theme

A fairy tale theme is a wonderful choice for a prom as it gives a lot of room for creativity and stunning decoration. This theme is also both beautiful and fun and can be perfect for a very formal or casual prom.
You can use time-tested fairy tales themes like Cinderella and Snow White. For example, a theme like Cinderella can be creatively used to create awesome decor, and you can also add a cute twist to the theme by making your selected prom king and queen a "Prince Charming" and "Princess Cindy". Incorporating your own ideas and little twists to the fairy tale theme can make it really interesting and unique.

A movie based fairy tale prom theme like Shrek would also be a great and fun choice especially if you are interested in a humorous fairy tale with a touch of modern. A Shrek theme gives you plenty of choices when it comes to decorations and also, with this theme, you can change the prom king and queen titles to something cute and theme-based like "The King and Queen of Far, far away". If you and your friends find it difficult to stick to one single theme, a general fairy tale prom theme is also a good idea.

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