Friday, 7 December 2012

5 Must Items for Your Prom Clutch

For prom, you'll need a bag or clutch. It should be small and elegant – just large enough to hold a small compact, some lipstick, some tissue or a mini bottle of perfume. It's up to you to choose the things that you want to carry for the prom, but there are five must items you should never avoid.

1. Lippy
Remember that once you have had something to eat, the only thing that is going to be still wearing your lippy is your fork, so always take the color that you are wearing so you can top up before photos.

2. Mini perfume
Don't get it twisted; perfume should never be an alternative for a shower. It is simply the cherry on top. With all the effort that you have gone to, it is nice to also appeal to the nose. Before your group photos, spray twice into the air and walk into the mist to avoid the wet look on your gown and wait for the compliments on how great you smell.

3. Little mirror
How awkward is it to tell a friend that they have something in their nose, or in their teeth, or on their face? Well unless you have good friends, they are never going to tell you. And if they do, most times it'll be out loud across the table. Save yourself the embarrassment and carry a tiny mirror so that you can check these and avoid those moments that no one enjoys.

4. Wet wipes
This is something that is always handy to have on you. They are helpful when you accidentally smudge your dark lipstick, or your eyeliner is running, or there is a spot of curry that dripped on your dress or on your partners white shirt. Although we all hope it doesn't happen to us, it's great to be prepared.

5. Safety pins
No matter how much your dress costs, or how well your aunt may be able to sew, there are always those moments that you cannot avoid. When someone steps on the back of your dress and pops a button, or your dress zipper bursts open, or the straps detach. It's better to be safety pins than sorry.

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