Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Useful Ways to Invite a Girl to Prom

When you want to ask a girl to prom, you'll need a dash of courage, a few deep breaths, and a prom proposal that she can't refuse. Here are some tips and creative ways to ask a girl to prom - hopefully these ideas will make the experience as painless as possible for you.

1. Invite Her in a YouTube Video
Upload a short video to YouTube asking her, "will you go to prom with me?" To protect her privacy, either use her initials or set the video to "private". Send her a link to the video in an IM or text message. Or to send her on a real scavenger hunt, combine it with something else on this list and hide instructions for finding the video in something else.

2. Give Her a Stuffed Animal
Tie a ribbon around the neck of a stuffed animal, and attach a tag to the ribbon that says, "Will you go to prom with me?" For an extra dose of cheese, coordinate the animal with the message. For instance, how about a horse that says, "Prom with me: yea or neigh?", or a penguin that says, "going to prom with you would be the coolest."

3. Slip It Into a Fortune Cookie
Buy some custom fortune cookies and fill them with a personalized "Will you go to prom with me?" message. Pass her a cookie in the school cafeteria, or even better, take her out for Chinese food and hand her one at the end of the meal.

4. Send Her a Bouquet of Flowers
There's no more romantic way to ask a girl to prom than with flowers. Order a bouquet and sign the card, "Will you go to prom with me?" If you want to accomplish the same thing for cheaper, buy a bouquet from the supermarket or make one out of flowers from your garden.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Things Should be Considered When Choosing Prom Shoes

Prom night is a fantastic time for young girls and boys. Every girl wants to show her best to attract the boy she likes secretly. All girls spend hours preparing for that particular night. From hair to toe, everyone wants to be the most special one in the prom. After having found a dream prom dress, it's time to search a pair of prom shoes to match your prom dress. You will never be able to look attractive without wearing perfect prom shoes. Like picking the prom dress, girls need much deliberation to decide what to choose.
Your dress should play a big role in your decision of which pair of shoes to buy for prom. Keep in mind that different dresses have different kinds of shoes that work with them. If you're wearing a floor-length dress, you have to consider the fact that your shoes aren't going to be very visible. Flats or ballet shoes are a wise choice for long dresses, because you don't have to worry about the extra height from heels throwing off the proper length of your dress. If your dress is short or asymmetrical, though, strapped sandals or high heels might be the better choice. Generally, it's a good idea to get less glamorous shoes for dresses that have a lot of flashiness or detail.
The color of the shoes you pick is important, but don't let it stress your out—it's not necessary for the shoes to match your dress color exactly. Instead, work to find complementary colors or a shoe color that's slightly darker than the dress color. Neutral colors also work well: gold, silver, or white for lighter dresses, and black or gray for darker dresses. If you find a shoe you like and it doesn't match your dress, it's probably OK as long as it doesn't clash.
Comfort should be king when it comes to picking prom shoes. You are going to be dancing after all, so it's important to pick shoes in which you can move around easily. It doesn't matter how gorgeous your shoes are if you're in pain with each step you take.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Find Prom Clutches for Your Special Night

For many high school students, prom is the most anticipated night of their entire four years at school. A lot of planning goes into getting prepared for prom, and one thing you do not want to overlook is your prom bag. What you pack in your purse for prom can make or break your night, whether it be saving you from a bad date, to touching up an unexpected rip or tear.
Prom night is not just any casual party at your friend's place. It's a formal event and you should treat it like one. So remember don't go for any frumpy-looking handbag to carry to the event. Select something that's elegant and looks just right for a formal event. And also make sure it looks good with your dress and makes it shine out.
The most popular style of purse or handbag for prom night is the clutch. Clutches are small purses that can add big benefit to your overall look. There are as many colors, shapes, materials and stylish embellishments in clutches as there are in prom dresses! You'll have no problem finding the perfect one to carry and contain your essentials.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Backless Prom Dresses Make You Hit the Limelight

Attending a prom night will be the best time for all high school girls. This is their most awaited event. To look perfectly amazing and eye-catching with their beautiful gowns are their goals. So do not just embrace to usual gowns and try to show something different about yourself even for once. Grab this opportunity to look great and maybe you will have the greater chance to become the next Prom Night Queen. There are lots of dresses that can make you look fabulous but with backless prom dresses, you will unquestionably hit the limelight.

Backless prom dresses are elegant, relaxing and one that creates an impressive appearance. These gowns are not only gives a transformation on your looks to make it impressive but also assist those who have difficulty in breathing. When wearing these kinds of dresses, you'll feel free from breathing problems and you can now move freely and will surely enjoy the night without discomfort. Aside from that, these gowns are perfect to those who have mobility issues.

Maybe you are now asking yourself on how to obtain a perfect backless prom dress for your prom. Backless gowns are awesome and stylish but you should select or purchase the one that will look good on you. Prior to purchasing a backless dress, it is a must to know several details first like the kind of cut that fits your body shape, how much back you would like to exposed, what kind of accessories should an ideal dress have, what certain color that would best suit your complexion and of course, it is crucial to know where you can purchase these dresses.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tips for Shopping Prom Dresses Online

Prom night is one of the most momentous events in a teenager's life. Every girl wants to be the most beautiful attendee on prom night. The dreams and fantasies of becoming a prom queen come with a cost. Anxiety over finding the perfect prom dress, can span over several weeks prior to the actual event. Shopping online for your prom dress can help alleviate some of the worries of finding the perfect look, because you are not limited to just the stores you can drive to or even the color and sizes that are available in a store. But before you make an online purchase, there are some important things to consider.

First, measure your body shape and size appropriately. It is your responsibility to give the perfect measurements in the size box provided near the dress you select to buy in the order placing web page. Incorrect or assumption of size may be a waste of money. Since you are shopping online and will not have the opportunity to try on your dress, you will have to be certain of your size.
Second, purchase on a site that has numerous collections. There is a large number of excellent variations from different sites. Keep close eyes on what stars dress in on the red carpet. This way you get to will be current on what variations are the most common and what to steer clear of. Moreover, Celebrities purchase only after analyzing the trends and consulting their costume designer. So shopping on a site which have enough dresses for you to choose, it will never make you disappointed.
Anyway, no matter what kind dress you will choose at last, make sure it will make you feel comfortable.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tips for Guys to Prepare for the Prom Night

Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime event and is often the first formal dinner dance teenagers attend. Unfortunately, most of the prom advice out there is about choosing the best hairstyle, prom dress, and makeup for the big night - not exactly tips for guys. Yet prom can be a romantic night for a gentleman to spend with his special lady, and knowing how to plan for the prom, get ready for the big date, and how to wrap up the evening as a gentleman can help guys approach prom with confidence. Long before prom guys need to start planning, and these tips can help.

First, buy prom tickets early. Many schools limit the number of tickets sold and tickets may not be available at the last minute. If plans fall through and you can't attend, you can always sell the tickets to less prepared guys who didn't think ahead. Second, ask your date to accompany you to the prom at least a month in advance. Even if you have a steady girlfriend, be a gentleman and ask for her company that evening to show how special you hope the event will be. Third, if you need to rent a prom tuxedo, shop early for the best deals and widest selection of styles. To make sure you coordinate with your date, ask her opinion on basic styles or colors, but feel free to experiment a little to add your own style and flair to your prom attire. Last, ask your date about the color of her dress so you can coordinate a matching corsage. If she wants to keep her dress a surprise, choose a corsage in white or with the school colors to be safe. Order the corsage as soon as you know the colors.

Monday, 22 October 2012

A-line Prom Dresses for Your Night

When it comes to Prom Dresses, every teenage girl wants to look her best. And, that should come as no surprise. Prom night is one of the most important nights in her young life, and having perfect prom dresses is a crucial part of that night. But, finding the perfect prom dress can be challenging. Here we recommend several types of A-line prom dresses to make you be a princess in the prom night.

Strapless A-line Prom Dresses: Strapless style should be on the list of the best prom attires for girls. Indeed, this style is the first choice due to its simple look, elegance and grace. This is the style that accents your upper body and help to show the beautiful neckline, shoulders and arms. The design of A-line pattern enhances the beauty at the same time. You can rest assured to opt for this style because A-line is considered to flatter to almost every body shape.

One-shoulder A-line Prom Dresses: A beautiful one-shoulder skirt fit with most body shapes.They're chic, elegant and sexy, although you're showing off some skin, they provide more coverage than a strapless dress. If you have a sexy shoulder. This dress will be your perfect choice. while if your figure is trend to little fat, we don’t suggest you to choose the one shoulder.

Halter A-line Prom Dresses: Halter styles maybe are not famous as the former two types, but they are really adorned by so many girls. Halter neckline suits girls with wide shoulders perfectly with the simple design. A-line skirts with halter neckline look amazing because they draw people's attention to the upper body part. Halter neckline is a good choice for girls who want to be noticed.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Decorate your Prom with Light

The newest hottest trends at prom are decor lighting! This ranges from up-lighting a wall to an entire room, and can combine glowing columns around your virtual night club. These columns will not only make your prom unique but will set the mood as clubby as you can get! This combined with use of standard up-lighting will transform your plain dark room into a colorful atmosphere!

Ambient lighting is diffused light that sets the mood of a room or outdoor area and provides basic illumination over a broad area, often adding a decorative touch, and very often as "uplighting." Using a variety of lighting decoration, you can meet magical and romantic prom night.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

White Prom Dresses for Special Night

We all know that a prom night is the most-awaited night for every young girl or boy. For the boys, it is more about looking forward to get a chance to dance or date the girl they always wished to. And for the lovely young girls, it is all about dressing up and looking good for their date. Also, it is about flaunting their pretty dresses to other girls. Girls have the inborn thing of wanting to look better than any other girl and choosing the right white prom dresses can be necessary to meet their hope.

Short white prom dress
No matter it is in baby doll style or very comfortable A-line style, even it is a simple but feminine sheath, young ladies can wear and show the perfect part of themselves. For it is in short length, girls can show their legs and offer a lovely look.

Long white prom dress
Full length is the most decent length for formal occasions, and empire waistline will give women comfortable surroundings and make them in the best condition, and allow them have a dance very gorgeously.

High low white prom dress
High low prom dress is leading the fashion trend in 2012, many top designers are doing their best to design this style in a perfect look. They are combined with printed clothing, dot styles, or fancy tulle fabric, even in the most charming style, we can find the best style among all the meticulously designed styles.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tips for Decorating an Entrance for a Prom

For many high school students, prom or other dances are the highlights of the school year. Making a memorable prom that lives up to students' expectations requires a lot of planning, from selecting the perfect venue, picking a great DJ, finding delicious food and transforming a function hall into a place where teenage dreams are made. Creating an impressive entrance with the right decorations ensures that prom is a beautiful event from the very beginning.

First, create a sign that will mark the entrance for prom. On poster board, write the name of the high school and prom in dark marker or paint. Decorate the border of the sign with fake flowers, glitter, seashells, garlands or other items that complement the prom theme.
Second, line the entryway that leads to the entrance for another decorative touch. For a red carpet, set up velvet ropes to create the look of a Hollywood premiere. Alternatively, stringing garlands along the route also makes the walk to prom more pretty.
Third, set up an arch to make the entrance to prom look even more pronounced. If the venue doesn't have an awning, set up two large columns. Wrap a floral garland and string lights up and around the columns. Inflate some balloons and tie them just outside of the door. Balloons add an element of fun, as well as a punch of color.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Popular Styles of Long Prom Dresses

During the teenagers' life, one of the important nights might be the prom night. It is a special night for all the young girls as they want to look the prettiest in the prom and probably get the prom queen title too. Girls love dressing up and prom is just a reason to dress up nice and flaunt their beautiful clothing. Generally speaking, short style show your youthful side while the long prom dresses can let you look elegant and mature. If you are tall enough, you can choose many different styles of long prom dresses. Now let's enjoy several popular styles of long prom dresses.

Front Splitting Long Prom Dress
If you want to show off your beautiful legs, then you need to have a beautiful front splitting prom dress. It shouts the word 'elegance' in every way. Front splitting prom dresses will make you feel like a celebrity walking the red carpet.
prom dress

Multi-Layer Long Prom Dress
If you want to look different, then a multi-layer long prom dress is the right choice for you. The whole idea of this prom dress is have ruffles or lots of layers all over from the waistline till the end of the long dress.
prom dress

Halter Long Prom Dress
Halter necks never go out of style. Long halter prom dresses will help you to show off your sexy back. If you have the back to flaunt, then you need to go for a halter neck long prom dress. Do not go for it if you have heavy arms.
prom dress

Pleated Long Prom Dress
If you want to look unique, Pleated long prom dresses are the right choice. Pleated dresses have been popular since a very long time and even today, it manages to gain popularity among young girls.
prom dress

Friday, 12 October 2012

Prom Jewelry-shining the party

When preparing for a prom, most people focus on the dress, finding just the right dress for prom. However, there is more to just getting the right dress. You also need to dress up your look and your style by adding some accessories to your wardrobe. Unbelievably, this can actually be very easy to do. Jewels are one of the best ways to do so.
Earrings: What type of earrings do you want to wear? You could consider ordinary studs or larger earrings. This could be determined by your hair style as it may cover your ears.

Bracelets: Choose to wear one or several bracelets to sparkle your prom dress. If long sleeves are going to be worn with bracelets, make sure that they still stand out.

Necklaces: It is most effective above a low cut dress. This means that there is not too much focus on just the top area of the dress. Necklaces shouldn't be above a high necked dress.

Tiaras: Get the total look for your prom by choosing a tiaras to add a touch of sparkle.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Black Prom Dresses-Guarantee for an Elegant Look

Every girl have a strong desire which want be the focus in a special occasion when they in a charming prom dress. So the girls do their utmost to look for glamorous prom dresses. At present, prom dresses exhibit in various colors online. Black  prom dress is getting more attractive in the market. If your decision is made, black dress is your choice. You will both look exquisite and graceful when dressing up black prom dresses. Choosing a black prom dress is a guarantee for an elegant, evening look. The simple style allows you the leisure to experiment with statement accessories. 

Black is a magical color. No matter you are slim or full, young or older, with the help of black prom dress, you will look better. Slim one reveals better silhouette, plumpy one looks slimmer, junior shows a kind of vigor, older one presents timeless femininity and sophisticated touch. You may find no matter when it is, those fashion designer will launch a set of dress in black, that's enough to prove the allure of black.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Special Shoes For Prom Night

Prom night is a very special night in one's life. You want to look your best and you will be spending time choosing the perfect dress for this occasion. Don't forget that shoes are also an important part of your outfit and choosing the right shoes can enhance your overall look.
If you want to make sure that everyone notices your awesome shoes at prom this year, look for styles that have hints of jewels or rhinestones on them. Jewelry is not just for your body anymore! Shoes that sparkle from rhinestones can pick up light as you dance. If you think jewels is a little too over-the-top for you, go for a metallic shaded shoe instead. Match your jewelry with silver, bronze, or even gold shoes. Gold is a favored color and style this year and a perfect gold heel or flat will stand out and looks great with any color dress.

 You can also make a statement by choosing a brightly colored shoe. In the past, most girls stuck to white or black shoes to match their dresses. This year, do not be afraid to try colored shoes. If you are wearing a basic little black dress, a striking red pump can really punch up the volume on your entire prom look. As far as colors go, vivid colors as well as all shades of pink are extremely popular. Shoes with prints are also popular this season. Floral designs, polka dots, and animal prints amongst the most sought out shoe designs. 

Monday, 8 October 2012

One-shoulder Prom Dresses- The New Trend

If you are going to take part in a prom, it is sure that you look forward to being the center of attention of the crowd. How to make your dream come true? The key point is that you should opt for a perfect prom dress to show off your most charming features. It is easy to find that lots of shops have a huge selection of attires special for prom including one shoulder, halter, strapless as well as sweetheart. 
Generally speaking, if you are a girl who hopes to highlight your perfect bust line, it is a good idea to take the sweetheart design into consideration. If you love one shoulder dresses then you're already in touch with one of the biggest trends in 2013 prom dresses and a trend that's much-loved by celebrities. They've been popular for a long time now and remain a strong pick for this year's prom. 

One shoulder prom dresses are a really stylish mix of many elements. They're at once chic, elegant and sexy, because although you're showing off some skin, they provide more coverage than a strapless dress. Although the style with sweetheart neckline can accentuate the sexy side, it doesn't mean that the pattern with single strap couldn't reach the same effect. In fact it is much sexier than the traditional sweetheart design. 
By comparison, one shoulder prom gown has no limits to your figure while the first deign will look great on girls with perfect bust line. The dramatic design is special for those girls who need a little change and hopes to appear unique.