Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Different Types Of Red

Red is obviously the queen of this kind of color because once you are wearing a red prom dress, you can not avoid being starring at. Also you must be very bold because not every women can have the power to take control of it. A little slip will cause a large damage to your whole appearance.
prom dress
Peach is another color which is right for mature and sexy women.Peach always reminds people of femininity.
prom dress
Pink is the belongings to little girls or those with dream of a princess. Wearing pink to attend a prom party may remind you or even other people of the old good days.
prom dress

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Color Match Art

Before you go to a party , you should know which two or three colors will look good when they are put together. For the pink prom dress.something similar or light is ideal.because the silver embellishment in the waist,the shoes also have silver to response to the color.the clutch is designed into a cupcake which is cute and special.
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The white prom dress is simple itself ,but the silver embellishment in the halter makes you choose the same silver clutch and silver shoes which are sparkling.remember that never add more than three colors together no matter at a party or in daily life.
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The blue prom dress is sexy ,so the black clutch which marries the popular gold with it ,and the black shoes which is safe choice.
prom dress

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Match Tips For Prom Dresses

Worry about how to match your prom dress with your prom accessories? Take it easy ,we will do it for you.

The blingbling gradient mesh beads dress must have something which is also blingbling and have the same color. The black hairband is a safe color for you and the diamond blue bracelet is just the right color for your dress.
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The pink dress is easy yo match because it is a soft and warm color. The gold hairband can be a highlight for you and the diamond bracelet has the same color with your prom dress and also can marry with your beading embellishment in the waist.
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The peach dress is too shining to have some other bright colors to match with. So we choose the peach hairband and peach bracelet for you but the diamonds on them are also stunning.
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The silver prom dress is also easy to match. The silver hairband with beading elements on it is just a response to the beading embellishment on your bodice. Also the special black and silver bracelet can show your graceful and cool personality.
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