Thursday, 11 April 2013

Great Hairstyles to Match with One shoulder Prom Dresses

One shoulder dresses are very glamorous and sexy. They enhance your looks and make you look like a diva. One shoulder dresses can be worn in any special occasion, like proms and marriages. But, it is also very important to style your hair properly, while you wear a one-shoulder dress. Proper hairstyle enhances the looks; and the right hairstyle should be chosen according to your body and facial features, and also in accordance with the type of one shoulder dress you are wearing.

Bun Hairstyle
one-shoulder prom dress

 Stretch Matal Silk One-Shoulder Sheath Dress with Bubble Sleeve

Bun is the perfect hairstyle, which you can wear with a one shoulder dress. This hairstyle shows the details of your dress. A bun is the most recommended hairstyle with a one shoulder dress, and many celebrities also wear this hairstyle. This hairstyle should be the one for you, if you want to show off your beautiful shoulders. You can also combine your bun with a side sweeping bang, for a more elegant look.

Chignon Hairstyle
one-shoulder prom dress

 Silk Chiffon One-Shoulder Sheath Stock Dress with Handmade Flowers Details

Chignon is also one of the most desirable haircuts for a one shoulder dress. Not only this hairstyle makes you look beautiful from the front, but the back of the hair also looks very elegant and beautiful. This is a very sophisticated hairstyle, and can be made easily with long hair.

Side Sweeping Curls Hairstyle
one-shoulder prom dress

 Chiffon Sweetheart Neckline Column Prom Dress with Beaded One-Shoulder Strap

Side sweeping curls look very elegant and this hairstyle matches with any kind of one shoulder dress. But you will not notice this hairstyle in many proms, because, this hairstyle is a very mature hairstyle and it also requires a lot of time to perfectly complete this hairstyle.

Side Ponytail Hairstyle
one-shoulder prom dress

 Chiffon Sweetheart Neckline Column Prom Dress with Beading Accents

Side ponytail is a classic hairstyle which looks very feminine with a one shoulder dress. Apart from this, side ponytail is very easy to make, and it doesn't require a lot of time or efforts to achieve this hairstyle.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

5 popular nail design for prom 2013

Prom 2013 is almost here! You have your date, the dress, the shoes, and the hairstyle already picked out - what could be missing? Before you throw out your prom to-do list, be sure to check off your nail design!

Try a modern twist on a colored nail by swirling on some paint for a whimsical effect! Get a glass full of water and put 1 - 2 drops of whatever nail polish color you desire. Paint your nail first with a base coat of a different color and then, once the nail dries, swirl your nail around in the water with the polish drops! It will create swirls galore all over your nails.

 This year is all about the studs. Incorporate some heavy metal into your prom nails by super gluing on some nail studs for an awesome effect! It’s a great way to add some classy flare to your nails to spice up your whole look.

 Although it may seem a bit avant-garde, caviar nails are all the rage. Try them out for your prom to add some runway to your look! You can choose fun colored caviar nails by applying a multicolor coat on top of a fun basecoat. You can even opt for a more sophisticated caviar nail by using pearl caviar over black nail polish.

 If you're going for a more natural look, you might want to opt for a more natural nail. Add a fun twist to the natural manicure by painting your nails in a chic nude color, but adding a fun white design over top! You can gain some control over the design by using a paint pen, or you could just ask your manicurist for a floral, dainty design.

 Instead of choosing your regular French manicure, try one of the new manicure trends! Paint your nails in a fairly translucent color and then paint the tips with a glitter and swipe downward for an ombre effect. You can also try a reverse French manicure where the tip is at the base of the nail. This creates a mod look that is perfect for adding a modern twist to an elegant look!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Use Your Imagination to Create Under the Sea Prom Theme

Prom is often the highlight of a high school student's junior or senior year. An under the sea prom theme can create a magical evening. There are many ways to tie your theme into your invitations, food and decor to make your guests feel like they have stumbled onto the ocean floor. Use your imagination to create an impressive under the sea prom and leave a beautiful memories of the ocean and sea life.


Decorations can vary, but a universal color for under the sea themes is blue. There are many shades of blue available, and mixing them all can bring a more realistic color scheme to your prom. Cover the walls with shades of blue and turquoise to simulate water. Add in some clear twinkle lights. Include decorations that look like treasure chests, fish, bubbles and coral. Or you could use a more nautical approach. Purchase some backdrops that look like ships and add anchors and ropes to your themed decor. Table decorations can be anchors or small bowls filled with marbles and real goldfish.

An invitation with a blue background and white lettering, amidst lots of white bubbles, is a subtle homage to the underwater theme without being too overt. Another idea is to use an ocean background for the invitations, and even add in some fish or other sea life.


Serve seafood. Appetizers can be cold shrimp cocktail and small crab cakes, and small bowls of Goldfish crackers can be set out on tables. Desserts can be cupcakes or cake decorated with sea themed decorations and frosting, or blue raspberry sherbet in clear glass dishes.


Send prom guests home with underwater favors. Have special frames made that show an ocean style picture that the prom couple's photo can be slid into. Include the date of the prom on the pre-printed frames. Let guests take home a small fish in a bowl as a favor, or get labels made that can be put on candy bar or lollipop wrappers depicting fish and the date of the prom. Give everyone a bath kit that includes soap, bubble bath and bath salts.