Monday, 17 December 2012

Games for Prom

Prom is known as the last hurrah of the school year for many seniors going off to college. However, parents are often concerned about the safety of their teens on prom night, because prom night is notorious for underage drinking and reckless behavior. Simple mistakes can affect your teen's future. Planning supervised prom activities can help reduce the likelihood of accidents on prom night.

Dummies is a dancing game where you dance until the music abruptly stops and then everyone must freeze in place on the dance floor until the music restarts. If you are unable to hold completely still when the music stops, you have to perform a task assigned to you by the designated leader, which can be the prom king or queen or someone else who is voted to emcee the game. The tasks given out should be lighthearted and good-natured.
Each student is given a cardboard domino to pin on as they walk through the entryway. You will need two separate sets of differently colored dominoes, one for girls and one for boys. Plan ahead for a large prom turnout and have additional sets of dominoes available so everyone can play. Organize the students for a brief explanation of how to play the dominoes dance game. Partners must switch when the music stops.
Here's a popular game that you can play as your prom night stretches into its final innings. Bowling on prom night is sometimes thought of as an after-prom game, but it can still be part of your official prom experience. Coordinate with the school and a local bowling alley to hold a lock-out bowling event that students can go to after they leave the prom itself. This is a fun, safe way to extend the fun of prom into the early hours of the morning, and it allows students to bond over a late night of strikes and gutter balls.

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