Friday, 4 January 2013

Unique Prom Favors

Every year, high school students struggle to get past winter doldrums and survive until summer. Between winter and summer, there are a few rather significant events that occur—Spring Break, finals, and prom. Almost every high school junior and senior students look forwards to their prom. It's the event that marks the end of high school for some and the beginning of one of the best years of their lives for others.  If you're one of the members of your school's prom planning committee, it's your job to make sure that your prom guests have a wonderful, memorable, and fun night. Prom favors are an important factor. Here's a list of some of the more popular prom favors.

Swag bags: Whether you're planning a themed prom or simply using your school colors to decorate, there is a swag bag for each and every prom. Each bag contains an assortment of favors that help make your prom memorable.

Key Tag Favors: These are the classic, timeless prom favors. Key chains are carried throughout life, so why not provide your guests with a cute, lightweight reminder of their memorable prom night?

Photo Cubes: Photo cubes are definitely not a favor seen at every prom. They're almost a unique, free-standing photo album. These allow your guests to have a place to display not only the classic prom couple picture, but also other fun pictures they've taken with their friends.

Candle Favors: Candles in a personalized glass vessel- it's a more elegant favor than a simply candle. While candles in tins are also great favors, these candles make the night a little more memorable.

Clock Favors: think—when is the last time you heard of a clock favor for a prom?  It's one of the most unique favors prom planning committees can find, and because of that, it's one of the memorable favors.

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