Monday, 14 January 2013

Small Prom Clutch for Your Great Night

If you have a prom coming up this spring, it's a good idea to start planning how you will carry your essentials along with you for the night. While you don't want to have a large bag full of stuff dragging you down, it's helpful to bring a small clutch with you that only has the necessities, like lipstick and hairspray.

When choosing the clutch, you should make sure it compliments your outfit. Picks out one to match the color of your dress, shoes or jewellery. For example, if your dress is mint green, your shoes and belt are silver and you are wearing a coral necklace, choose a coral clutch! A compact size clutch is a great stable to have for your prom outfit. While you may bring your cell-phone and make-ups, these sturdy prom clutches can be popping up all over.

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