Saturday, 5 January 2013

Eyes Makeup For Prom

Your prom is a memorable and formal affair that calls for glamorous clothing, accessories and makeup. When you do your own makeup for the prom, you're able to go over-the-top with glitz and glam unlike any other occasion. Eyes makeup is an important part for your prom preparation. Choosing a beautiful eyes makeup can make you looks best in the prom night.

Dramatic lines as opposed to the casual eye outline draw attention to your peepers. Create a dramatic focal line on your top lid just at your lash line. Make the line approximately 1/16 of an inch thick. You can choose not to line your lower lid, or line it with a pencil thin outline.
Eye Shadow
Eye shadow comes in a seemingly endless array of textures and colors such as cream-based, powder and stick shadows. These colorful pigments draw attention to your eyes when swept along your upper lids. However, a prom calls for some more drastic applications.
Bold, flamboyant eyelashes frame your eyes and help them stand out along with the eyeliner and shadow you choose. You can either select your choice of mascara formulas to create an eye-catching effect with your eyes, or you can opt for false eyelashes.

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