Thursday, 31 January 2013

Guys - Learn to Be a Good Prom Date

Prom is of equal importance to both genders. Girls love it because they can dress up. Guys love it so they can score with their girlfriends.Yet prom can be a romantic night for a gentleman to spend with his special lady, and knowing how to plan for the prom, get ready for the big date, and how to wrap up the evening as a gentleman can help guys approach prom with confidence.


Dress your very best. Pick your clothes out beforehand so you're not rushing about at the last minute. Make sure they're clean. If you're going with a girl, ask her what color she's wearing so you can be coordinated.
Bring flowers and Practice good chivalry. Flowers are timeless classic and most girls love them. However, beware, some people can see them as cliched! If you aren't sure if she'd like them or not, ask her. Pull out the chair for her, open the car door for her, and generally put her first.


Be prompt to pick up your date and greet her parents politely. Be prepared to answer questions about your plans for the evening, and be sure to ask about the evening's curfew so you can have your date home on time.
Don't be afraid to dance with her. If you're shy, just close your eyes and ask. Most girls really don't care if you're good or not, they just want someone to have fun with.

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