Friday, 30 November 2012

Two Types for Prom Corsage

A corsage is a floral arrangement that you typically wear to prom. There are two types of corsages: boutonnieres and wrist corsages. You would typically wear a boutonniere on the right side of your dress and a wrist corsage on your left or right hand. There are no rules for which hand to wear a wrist corsage.

A boutonniere consists of a floral arrangement and a glued pin backing. It is typically the popular choice for most teen boys. Your prom date has the choice of purchasing the corsage from a floral shop, or making it himself. He'll find that it's quite simple to create a corsage. First, he needs an odd number of flowers, such as three or five. Next, he'll wrap flowers together with ribbon. Then, he'll attach a bow to the back of the bouquet with a hot glue gun. Finally, he'll glue the corsage pin to the boutonniere.

For girls, there are a variety of wrist corsages to choose from. Options include ribbon corsages, elastic corsages, plastic corsages, and bracelet corsages. Ribbon corsages are easy to wear and come in a variety of colors; however, they can easily untie and fall off while dancing. Elastic corsages come in a variety of colors and do not fall off while dancing. Plastic corsages may clash with your dress since they come in a limited selection of colors. You may also need scissors or cutters to remove it at the end of the night. Your last option, bracelet corsages, also come in limited colors and are more expensive than the previous three choices.

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