Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tips for Perfect Prom Night Makeup

Makeup is a very important part of your prom night look. Prom is a special night and therefore your makeup should reflect that. With a little know how, makeup can take you from ordinary to extraordinary. Look enchanting and radiant on your prom night with these makeup tips.

1. Look natural: Since it is your special date, you need to look very natural. To get an even skin tone, apply a suitable foundation to hide the acne, blemishes etc.
2. Keep it simple: Keeping your makeup simple can be the best way to achieve elegant beauty that will look great in prom pictures. The best way to keep it simple is to strike a balance. If you want to wear vibrant and elaborate eye makeup, choose a simple lip stick.
3. Stress the focal points: Before you apply a makeup, decide what you want to highlight, is it the eyes or the lips? If you plan on lips then apply a bold and dark pink lip color and keeping the eye makeup simple. And if you want to highlight eyes, apply a good liner with mascara and false eye lashes but make sure that your lips is just glossy.
4. Practice ahead: Don't wait till the day of your prom to apply your makeup for the first time. In the weeks ahead of the prom, putting your prom makeup on experimenting with different color combinations and techniques until you discover what works best for you.

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