Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Get Ready for Prom

The high school prom is a tradition. Whether it's located at a fancy country club or in a high school gym, the prom is the main dance of the year and a special night for all involved. Learn how to properly prepare for the high school prom so you can relax and enjoy your evening. Follow these tips and let your make up and attire stand out in the prom night.

3 months prior: Start planning your look. Flip through hair magazines to get hairstyle ideas. Browse evening dresses online, or head to the mall to look at dresses with friends. Most importantly, make sure you'll have a date!
2 months prior: Set your appointments. Salons book up fast during prom season, so make sure you get an appointment with your favorite stylist by booking as early as possible. Make sure you know how to communicate with your hairstylist before your appointment. You can set your appointment for your nails and makeup now as well. Book a limo or arrange for transportation to and from dinner/prom.
1 month prior: Coordinate your look with your date. Finalize your prom look. Narrow down your hair choices to two and choose and purchase your prom gown, shoes, and accessories.
3 weeks prior: Get your gown altered. If you are super short, you know what a hassle it can be to trip, so get it altered for the perfect fit.
2 weeks prior: Reserve your corsage and boutonniere at your local floral shop. Color-coordinate the flowers to your attire for the best look. Do a trial run hairstyle with your stylist or, if you are doing your own hair, practice the style a few times.
1 week prior: Confirm all reservations. Make sure you have everything you need: gown, shoes, accessories, date, dinner reservations, transportation.
Day before: Treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon once school is out. Get together with your friends and treat each other to pedicures or at-home facials.
Day of: This is it, today is the big day! Get your nails, hair, and makeup done and out of the way by the early afternoon so you can concentrate on relaxing and taking a bit of a breather before prom night. It's time to get dressed up and go to prom!

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