Monday, 19 November 2012

Tips to Decorate the Prom

Prom decorations create a magical ambiance for your guests. Your prom decor can set the prom apart from all others and leave your guests with lasting memories for years to come. See the tips below for more prom decorating ideas.

Pick a Theme
Before you can begin decorating, you must decide on a theme. Prom themes are practically endless, and new themes show up every year. Make sure the theme will appeal to the majority of the students attending. The prom theme is a huge deal to attendees. Put a lot of thought into picking a theme.
Buy Decorations
Don't put this off. If you've selected a popular theme for the year, there's always the chance that companies will be out of the decorations you desire. Plan early, and order early. One of the best ways to save money is to purchase a kit filled with most of the decorations you need.

Make sure the bases are covered
A great prom will have an exciting entryway, eye-catching focal point, elegant tables with themed centerpieces, and perfect mood lighting. Be prepared with all of these things in advance. Have a plan before you dig in and start decorating. Make sure you have all your bases covered before you start assigning people to help get the job done.
Prepare prom favor
All of the beautiful decorations at prom will eventually be torn down, many of them thrown away. The one decoration that prom attendees get to take home with them is the prom favor. Put a lot of thought into this, as it will be kept for years to come. It should reflect the mood and theme of the night and have a lasting impression.

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