Thursday, 27 September 2012

Short Prom Dresses We Love

Prom is one of the few opportunities for young women to dress up and enjoy themselves, as well as show off their prom dresses ranging from elegant and demure to flirty and outrageous. This year, as you shop for a perfectly cute prom dress, you may ask yourself if you should wear a short prom dress instead of the traditional floor length gown. While a short dress is fashionable and looks great in many colors, but not every body style is suited for this type.

Take a look in the mirror and study how you look. Are you petite and short? If so, a short, strapless prom dress may work, especially if you have a slim frame and small bust. With the right pair or high heeled shoes, such an outfit can give you the impression of greater height.
For plus-sized young women, some designers do make short dresses that work to emphasize features of your body that give you a nice shape. If you prefer not to wear a long dress, choose one that comes to just below the knee. You can show a bit of leg and complement your look with some flirty heels.
Short dresses are not necessarily for everyone. However, they are available in exciting styles and colors. They have a unique look that you will not find in classic styles. In addition, they are definitely in keeping with the current trends.

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