Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Prom Favors make Beautiful Memory

Prom is a rite of passage for many teens, and prom favors are a fine way to remember the night. Sure, you'll have the dress, a corsage and some pictures, but a prom favor is something that you can keep on display forever to remind you of the big night.

Frames Favors
Picture frames are some of the most popular prom favors, giving students an opportunity to keep their pictures in a commemorative keepsake. Ask the photographer to print the prom date on the picture itself, and save money by getting a simple frame with no personalization whatsoever.

Candles Favors
Candles are useful and many students will hold onto them for years to come. Most prom candle favors come with a complimentary decal design that you can personalize to your school and prom date.

Glassware Favors
Glassware is especially popular for proms because you can have it etched or engraved, and it never goes out of style, so that it can always be on display. Champagne flutes for toasting with nonalcoholic champagne are functional for the event, and then make a beautiful favor for attendees to take home. Or you could hand out an etched glass bell to each attendee, so that he or she can "ring out" the night and keep it as a memento.

Key Tags Favors
Key tags are a great way to combine the portability of a key ring with the pictures from that special night. Key tags can be found in many varieties and materials. These include acrylic, glittered, metal, plastic, dog tags, and as mint tins. Key tags are extremely practical as well, as many students going off to college will need a key tag for their dorm or car keys.

If your prom budget doesn't allow for expensive favors that you purchase from a supplier, you'll need to be a little more creative with what you give as a favor. you can create a video from the prom and put it onto a DVD for all people involved.

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