Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Guides for Eyes Makeup to Prom

On prom night, it's quite difficult to choose not only a prom dress in fact choosing accessories and proper makeup is also important to have gorgeous and splendid looks. Matching your makeup with your prom dress is as important as picking up the right dress for you. For your eyes makeup, don't match your eyeshadow to your dress because you will look dull, go for contrasting colors that enhance eyes and complement the dress.

If your dress is black than any color will work for you. You can go for smokey eyes using grays, purples or gold and copper.
If your dress is blue you can go for silver tones, gold tones and natural colors.
If your dress is pink you can go for a lavender and purple mix, silver or brown tones.
If you have a red dress there is no way you will go wrong with smokey eyes especially if you have tanned skin.

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