Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tips for Decorating an Entrance for a Prom

For many high school students, prom or other dances are the highlights of the school year. Making a memorable prom that lives up to students' expectations requires a lot of planning, from selecting the perfect venue, picking a great DJ, finding delicious food and transforming a function hall into a place where teenage dreams are made. Creating an impressive entrance with the right decorations ensures that prom is a beautiful event from the very beginning.

First, create a sign that will mark the entrance for prom. On poster board, write the name of the high school and prom in dark marker or paint. Decorate the border of the sign with fake flowers, glitter, seashells, garlands or other items that complement the prom theme.
Second, line the entryway that leads to the entrance for another decorative touch. For a red carpet, set up velvet ropes to create the look of a Hollywood premiere. Alternatively, stringing garlands along the route also makes the walk to prom more pretty.
Third, set up an arch to make the entrance to prom look even more pronounced. If the venue doesn't have an awning, set up two large columns. Wrap a floral garland and string lights up and around the columns. Inflate some balloons and tie them just outside of the door. Balloons add an element of fun, as well as a punch of color.

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